Salute to Youth

General Information

Each year, the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton is pleased to provide scholarships to a Grade 12 student in EVERY Edmonton Public and Catholic High School in the City of Edmonton to recognize the students’ contributions to community service. “Serving the Community’s Greatest Needs” is the Kinsmen motto and something all members of our club strongly believe. This belief inspired the club to begin offering scholarships to students who demonstrate a commitment to the community and helping others.

One student from each school will receive the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton Community Service Award. The award consists of

  1. An engraved plaque or certificate for the recipient’s possession;
  2. A permanent plaque for the school to be engraved annually with the name of the winner;
  3. $1000.00 scholarship for the student.

The club also wishes to have a member present the award to the student personally at the school’s annual awards ceremony or another appropriate occasion.

Please ensure that all applications are submitted online, and supporting documentation (school confirmation and letter of reference) sent to the club prior to the received deadline of April 30 of this school calendar year for Spring awards and Fall awards at the following address:

Salute2Youth Chair

C/O Kinsmen Club of Edmonton
Box 103, 9100 Walterdale Hill

Edmonton, AB
T6E 2V3

FAX 780-732-5381

General Information

Student Qualifications

  • A fulltime Grade 12 student who will graduate from an Edmonton Public or Catholic high school this year and plans to be enrolled in a fulltime program at a post-secondary institution within two years of his or her high school graduation.
  • A well-rounded student who satisfies entry requirements at a post-secondary institution of his or her choice and demonstrates a sincere interest in obtaining a post-secondary education.


  • The Kinsmen Club of Edmonton’s Community Service Award recognizes a student’s commitment to community service and helping others. Thus, the student’s participation in community service activities is more important than his or her academic standing for the purposes of this award. The only academic requirement is a student has sufficient standing to be accepted into a post-secondary institution.

Selection Process

  • The Kinsmen Club of Edmonton will select the winner. Thus, we ask that all student applications for the award be forwarded to the club.

Presentation Procedure

  • The Kinsmen Club of Edmonton requests a club member present the award to the student personally at the school’s annual awards event or other appropriate occasion. That’s why it’s important the school information sheet be returned to the club.

    Plaques and Certificates

    • The school is provided with a permanent plaque on which the names of winners are engraved annually. Because the award is 18 years old and the original school plaques only have space for 12 years, many plaques have run out of spaces. If this is the case at your school, please let the Kinsmen Club know so a replacement plaque can be ordered. Award winners will receive an individual plaque or certificate, which is his or hers to keep.

    Funding Arrangements

    • In order to receive the monetary scholarship portion of the award, the winning student must submit confirmation of enrollment in a post-secondary institution to the Kinsmen Club within two years of his or her graduation from high school. Upon receiving the confirmation, the club will forward the $1000.00 scholarship to the student.


    • Please list all in-school service activities together, then list all out-of-school service activities.
    • Community service activities are voluntary. If you received payment for an activity or project, do not include it on the activities form.
    • List activities which benefited others, not your personal interests. For example, do not list that you played on the school’s basketball team, but do list that you served as the team’s manager, scorekeeper, etc. on a volunteer basis.
    • The Kinsmen Club’s selection committee gives more weight to out-of-school community service activities. Your chances of being chosen for the award are greater if you took part in several out-of-school service activities.
    • Please print or write clearly in all areas of the application and activities forms.
    • Feel free to continue listing activities on a second page if you need to.