Community Initiative Request Application

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Serving the Communities Greatest Need

For over 75 years, the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton has served some of our community’s greatest needs through ongoing, seed and project funding of human service programs and capital projects. The Kinsmen Club of Edmonton has supported efforts such as the Operation Friendship Seniors Society, Boys and Girls Club, WIN (Women In Need) House, Canadian Blood Services, Glenrose Rehabilitation Centre, and the Alberta Asthma Centre to mention a few and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to improve the community in which we live. To that end the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton has allocated a sum of money, which is intended to help charitable organizations achieve this goal through their initiatives. All organizations requesting monies from the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton will have to provide a completed application. Please be advised that funding will not be provided to initiatives with a specific religious or ethnic focus.

Below you will find some of the criteria that the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton will use in order to select initiatives that best keep with our goal of Serving the Communities Greatest Needs:

Your initiative must not be part of a charity supported by or a donation to projects that the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton already supports either on a national or local level.

• The Kinsmen Club of Edmonton supports initiatives, not individuals raising money for these initiatives or causes.

• We cannot provide funds, which would sponsor an event.

• Groups and or initiatives must be not for profit.

• Applicants must demonstrate how their initiative fits with the goals of Kinsmen Club of Edmonton;

• Serving the Communities Greatest Needs.

• Organizations or groups must be willing to apply for other applicable grants.

• A completed application form must accompany all requests.

Thank you for your interest in the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton and your application for funding. If your initiative goals match those of our organization and the funds allow, we would be more than happy and willing to assist you in the good work that you do.